Do you feel pulled away from your own alignment & stability?

That’s not unusual for people whose job it is to care for others.


Find your stability using our free CENTERING GUIDE:

Create a home base — an anchor point — that you can retrieve whenever you need by RECLAIMING your CENTER. Centering helps you realign and stabilize, even when the going gets tough.

YOU’RE here BECAUSE . . .

  • You want to feel energized and motivated in your work.
  • You want to feel like you are doing the job that you are meant to do.
  • You want to care for your patients the way you had always imagined.

BUT . . .

  • You find yourself drained, disengaged and juggling too many balls.
  • You’re doubting whether or not you should stay in this job.
  • You’re struggling to take care of yourself and to connect with your patients, colleagues and loved ones.

Move beyond concepts into action!

We know your struggles. We know healthcare. We know today’s demanding society. And we know that you are in your job because that’s where you have found a sense of purpose.

And that’s how we also know that reconnecting with your nervous system — increasing your embodied awareness — gives you tools that will support you in your work. We help you take care of yourself and bring out your best while you are caring for others.