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Healthcare worker feeling energized and inspired

You want to feel energized & inspired

but you’re feeling drained, disengaged, and unmotivated.

Healthcare provider feeling connected and engaged

You want to feel connected & engaged

but you’re doubting if you should even be in healthcare.

Healthcare professional bringing her best self to the floor

You want to bring your best self to the floor

but you’re struggling just to take care of yourself.

Move beyond concepts into action

with the Body Comes to Mind


GET OUT of your HEAD

Most of us are in our head 99.999999999 percent of the time, even when we’re not juggling medications and documentation. Learning how to get out of your head calms you. It widens your perspective and increases your focus.

Get out of your head

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You care for others. And that means you are constantly reaching out: your focus is drawn away from your own center and stability. Reclaiming your center creates a home base — an anchor — that you can return to when the going gets tough. It is your center that helps you to stay aligned to yourself.

Reclaim your center. Learn to center

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Demanding work forces you to be on alert at all times, which activates your nervous system. That level of arousal can easily shift into a new normal and slowly drain your battery. Understanding your nervous system helps you find tools to reduce frustration, soothe your irritation, and calm anxiety.

Understanding your nervous system

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As a healthcare professional you want to feel the enthusiasm that brought you into healthcare in the first place. Build your inner strength by establishing your ground and accessing your balance. Discover your capacity to relate to stress in a positive way and connect to what really matters to you. Bring back your spark!

Build inner strength in healthcare

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We Provide

Practical Tools

Solutions and practices you will use every day on the floor.

Seamless Integration

No need for external materials or additional time.

You Know What You Need When

Develop individualized skills to getting what you need, when you need it!

Start today!

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Your Guides

As occupational therapists in acute care & rehab we’ve had to navigate the particular demands of the healthcare system.

And as martial arts practitioners we have decades of experience working with our nervous system to remain calm, open and balanced under pressure without retreating.

We know how using the inseparable link between the mind and body increases our ability to stay connected to ourselves when the going gets tough.

And we want you to have that!

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