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Stay balanced and relaxed in challenging environments with our online programs

Practical Tools

You will find yourself using the simple Body Comes to Mind tools every day

Seamless Integration

You can access new skills quickly and easily without the need for a lot of extra time or props

You Know What You Need

and when! You just need to access the tools that you already have at your fingertips

Access the missing link to improving your focus and effectiveness . . . to staying calm and relaxed, regardless of your environment. It will help you to:


Remain calm and focused in the midst of a pressured setting


Experience more balance


Feel more energetic and connected


Show up as your best self


Manage your stress instead of it managing you!

Our Courses


Our premium course When the Body Comes to Mind was developed in close collaboration with Erasmus University MC, Rotterdam NL as  part of a research study addressing resilience and  stress in medical students.

We worked with Erasmus University MC, Rotterdam

What You'll Find

✔︎ Simple, step-by-step instruction
✔︎ Easy navigation
✔︎ Engaging and informative content
✔︎ No previous knowledge required 


Brief videos introduce the ​material, provide you with critical information about why the subject is being addressed and explain the ​exercises ​& daily practices.

Practical Tools

The videos are supplemented with experience based exercises and easily implemented  practices that deepen your understanding of critical aspects of the week’s topic.


You’ll find downloadable PDFs, audios, supplemental videos and/or interviews ​to explore more about ​the body + mind interaction.

Community Support

Evidence has shown that sharing with others improves and accelerates self-insight and skill building. The social sharing section helps you do just that!


We also use the Social Sharing sections to learn and grow. We provide you with feedback and answer any questions you might have based on our years of experience working with and through the body + mind.


Feel free to toggle back and forth between topics, watch the videos as many times as you’d like, and access your course again and again as you need or want . . .

What Our Healthcare Professionals and Students say

“I learned how to adapt my responses to environmental stressors. I can’t control the environment, but I am able to center myself and change the way I react.”
Review Body Comes to Mind
Rehab Professional
Boston MA | USA
“I was impressed with the ease of use of the lesson plan. I think that professionals of all technological skill levels will have no difficulty taking and enjoying this course!”
Review Body Comes to Mind
Kathy Riordan, PTA
Greenbrae CA | USA
“The courses are easily accessible and very practical. It is well-designed and transparent. The tools I learned will be useful for the rest of my life.”
Review Body Comes to Mind
Esmee de Bloois, Medical Student | Erasmus University MC
Rotterdam | NL
“Very helpful to identify what a thought can trigger in my body and learn what to do about it.”
Review Body Comes to Mind
Doctor of Physical Therapy
South Weymouth MA | USA
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