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Reflections About Our Programs

Easy to follow, extremely helpful. Provides a unique new perspective. Excellent!
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Jeanne Nangle MA OD, Consultant & Coach
Sacramento CA | USA
[I learned about] the connection to body reactions, and [will apply the learning by] thinking about them instead of ‘just don’t stress’.
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Celia Ryan, DPT
South Weymouth MA | USA
Stressful circumstances happen to me multiple times a day . . . so understanding exactly what is happening in my body and taking a couple seconds to use the strategies that I learned could be really helpful. So that when I leave at the end of the day I’m not as wound up and stressed out. I’m at a lower level.
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Deanna Caparrotta, Occupational Therapist
South Weymouth MA | USA
I am much more aware of the tension within my body when experiencing a stressor, which will allow me to practice and try and alter that when at work.
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Meghan Tierney, PhD
Boston MA | USA