About Us

Everything we develop is driven by one overarching question . . .

how can we help you


in your challenging environment

We know the pressures you face and have experienced the demands of a high pressure setting.
We know that it can create personal imbalance at best.
At worst, feeling disconnected from yourself, stuck, stressed and exhausted.

We also have experienced that using the inseparable connection between the mind and body generates sustainable, personal growth. This “embodied presence” creates balance and increases options. It makes you feel more energetic and calm, more open and balanced while managing your environment.
You are able to connect with yourself and others in a more profound way.

We want to give that to you!

Our courses help you understand why you do the things you do and how you shape yourself in the face of your current challenges.
You will discover what it feels like to respond as your best self.
And most importantly, the Body Comes to Mind courses provide you with practical tools.
Tools that you can use in the moment to manage your stress.
You will learn how you can remain calm and focused.

We look forward to working together.


Kimberly & Karin, Co-founders | Body Comes to Mind

“We cannot solve the problems we face today by
using the same thinking that created them.”

About Us

We found a common thread within the practice of Aikido, connecting “on the mat” from different parts of the globe.
Then we realized our shared passion and excitement around the simple and profound impact that the mind + body connection provides.

How we can use the depth of information that our bodies provide to learn, grow and more successfully navigate the mountains and valleys that life sets before us!​

Ki to Change by Marieke Bosgoed Fotografie

Karin Karis

Founder Ki to Change

Somatic Executive & Organizational Coach, Trainer & Author

I find nothing more fulfilling than getting people in sync! When we – as human beings, teams or organizations – live and work from a place where our thoughts, feelings and actions are aligned with what is important to us, everything becomes more effortless and increases in meaning.

Through my 30+ years of working with people through personal development change, both in and outside the workplace, one thing has become evident: If we want to be in sync, we need the body on board.

Kimberly Woodland | RISE Resilience in Service

Kimberly Woodland

MOTR, Founder RISE | Resilience in Service, Inc.

Occupational Therapist & Facilitator

I am passionate about our ability to use the vital link between body and brain to feel more at ease with ourselves, more confident in our roles and in our decision making, and more connected to others.

Years of study and deliberate practice enable me to provide interesting, in-depth, yet simple physiological explanations to support the basic work of embodied self-awareness so that we may better utilize both our uniquely human brain and the depth of knowledge that the body provides.

organizations we work with

We worked with Erasmus University MC, Rotterdam
We worked with University of Utrecht