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This months topic:

Wearing Your Heart on Your Sleeve

Experiment in our Embodiment Lab

Grab your curiosity and get your body online during our 60 minute Embodiment Lab

It doesn’t matter whether you’re brand new to the concept of embodied practices or already have experience bringing your body to mind.

You’ll get practical insight no matter what!

  • Discover simple, practical tools that build well-being
  • Participate in guided embodied practices
  • Learn how to integrate embodied awareness into your daily life
  • Participate in our live Q&A

The Embodiment Lab is for you if:

  • You need tools you can incorporate immediately & use on the spot
  • You’re looking for ways to increase balance and connection
  • You’ve run out of ideas about how to reduce your stress level


This months topic:

Wearing Your Heart on Your Sleeve

In this month’s embodiment lab we’ll explore what is means to wear our heart on our sleeve from an embodied perspective. Where and how are you able to be transparent and vulnerable? 

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Thursday December 15th

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Well-being is not a trend.

Resilience is a disputed topic in today’s volatile climate. It’s also a useful skill. Transform your inherent knowledge into a practical tool that you can use every day, without adding to your workload or taking more time out of your schedule.

The Embodiment Lab practices and group discussions take you beyond conceptual understanding into an embodied awareness with enduring impact.