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Reduce overwhelm, soothe your irritation, and calm anxiety . . .

Get the Body Online
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Learn more about the connection between mind and body — the first step toward understanding your nervous system.

UNDERSTANDING your NERVOUS SYSTEM gives you tools to reduce overwhelm, soothe your irritation, and calm anxiety.

Stop overthinking

Keep your battery charged by being in tune with your body. Get access to easy to use tools that you can use anywhere, anytime. 

Take the next step towards increasing balance and decreasing stress with Get the Body Online.

$ 15

What you get from this course

  • INSIGHT: You’ll get foundational knowledge about how your body is communicating with you
  • DISCOVERY: You’ll learn how that information helps you navigate your day
  • ACTION: You’ll get concrete tools to help you change the way you feel and how you see the world

What you will find in this course

Lesson 1 | The Body is the Frontline

With the ability to sense your body in the moment you will become more skillful about knowing what you need, when you need it.

You will get the basic sense of how the body communicates with you and how that information can help you navigate your day.

Lesson 2 | The Body Reacts to the Mind​

Your mind affects your body continuously, but you are not often aware of that connection. By increasing your awareness about how the mind affects the body, you can make a more conscious choice about where you want to place your focus throughout the day.

You will learn to uncover the impact your mind has on your body.

Lesson 3 | The Body Changes the Mind

It turns out that changes you make in your body, can also affect the way you perceive the world around you!

You will experience how making physical changes affects your mind.

Start getting to know your own nervous system and take advantage of it. 


$ 15

Move beyond concepts into action!

We know your struggles. We know healthcare. We know that you are in your job because that’s where you have found a sense of purpose.

And that’s how we also know that reconnecting with your nervous system — increasing your embodied awareness — gives you tools that will support you in your work. We help you take care of yourself and bring out your best while you are caring for others.