Cultivating Well-Being

Skills & Practices for Cultivating Well-Being

Body Comes to Mind resources to enhance your embodied awareness so that it comes naturally to care for yourself while you’re caring for others . . .

Knowing Your Limits

“You can do anything, but not everything.” David Allen Knowing Your Limits Do you know when you’ve had enough? Or

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Explore how using embodied awareness in different situations cultivates insight and supports the ability to respond rather than react.

The Body Comes to Mind courses provide you with practical tools based on evidence and a wealth of embodied experience.

Discover what an open, aligned, and confident perspective feels like and integrate that feeling into your system!

We know about high-pressure situations and demanding workloads.
We’ve been there.

At best, it results in personal imbalance. At worst, feeling disconnected from others, stuck in a rut and exhausted, with no energy left for yourself.

We can’t think ourselves out of these situations. Our whole system needs to be integrated so that we have all of the information we need.

Body Comes to Mind does just that.

Learn how you shape yourself in the face of your current challenges and discover what it feels like to change that shape.

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