Are you struggling in your ​demanding study environment . . . ?

Discover how to THRIVE even when the pressure is high!

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Do you

Feel stressed and depleted during and after your work day?
Spend your days serving others, but neglect taking care of yourself?
Have trouble setting your boundaries, knowing when to say no or how to say yes?

Increase clarity, ease and balance
through our experience based online program.

What does this online course provides:

When the Body Comes to Mind
provides you with the skills you need to feel less stressed, increase your decisiveness and maintaining your balance.

This 8-lesson online course is based on the inseperable connection between the mind and the body. You will learn skills that you can seamlessly integrate into any environment and enable you to stay relaxed and calm even when the stacks are high.

Interesting and engaging video’s, exercises, handouts and practices will: 


Enhance the connection with yourself


Increase your focus and effectiveness


Help you to perform better under pressure


Connect you to what matters most in your life

Imagine yourself . . .

Focused and decisive in demanding environments & under pressure

Ending your day feeling satisfied & stimulated, with energy left over for what comes next!

Find yourself with . . .

Increased confidence

Improved awareness about what works for you, and what doesn’t

The courage to stick to your boundaries

Enjoy . . .

More ease & connection in your relationships

Being relaxed, connected and open, even when you’re more stressed. 

We have one overarching goal:

Enabling you to perform well WHILE taking care of yourselves.

Many students struggle with the high demands and workload. They feel discouraged, stressed, overwhelmed. 

We see it as our challenge to transform that roadblock into opportunity. The problems we face in high pressured settings today cannot be solved using the same thinking that created them.

Building skills based on the inseparable connection between the body and mind generates unique, sustainable growth. Using those skills allow you to feel more joyful and energized while preparing yourself to get out in the workfield. 


Get instant access to When the Body Comes to Mind now!

Enroll in our online course and get unlimited access to 8 lessons with videos, exercises, audios and handouts. Reduce your stress! Increase your resilience!

$97 for the entire 8-week course

✔︎ Simple, step-by-step instruction
✔︎ Easy to navigate
✔︎ Engaging and informative content
✔︎ No previous knowledge required

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What you DO get:

Weekly videos One or two 10 minute videos introduce the week’s material, provide critical information about why the subject is being addressed and explain the week’s exercises and daily practices.

Practical tools The videos are supplemented with experience based exercises and easily implemented daily practices that deepen your understanding of critical aspects of the week’s topic.

Resources Downloadable PDFs, audios, supplemental videos and/or interviews accompany each lesson

Community Support We encourage community interaction through the Social Sharing section at the bottom of every page, sparked by a weekly question or two. Did you know that sharing with others improves and accelerates self-insight and skill building?

Coaching We monitor the Social Sharing section to learn from our clients’ experiences, listen to recommendations and most importantly, provide feedback and answer questions based on our years of experience working with and through the body + mind.

Flexibility Learn whenever you want. Feel free to toggle back and forth between lessons, to watch the videos as many times as you’d like, to access the course again and again as you need or want . . .


Stressful circumstances happen to me multiple times a day so understanding exactly what is happening in my body and taking a couple seconds to use the strategies that we learned could be really helpful. So that when I leave at the end of the day I’m not as wound up and stressed out. I’m at a lower level.
Deanna Caparrotta
OTRL | Boston, MA
I am much more aware of the tension within my body when experiencing a stressor, which will allow me to practice and try and alter [that] when at work.
Meghan Tierney
PhD | South Weymouth, MA

What you DON’T get:

A course on body language

Add-ons to an already overloaded work day

Pen & paper solutions for time-management and efficiency

Stand alone “How to” or “self-care” lists

It starts with the body!
Too touchy feely . . . ? We don’t think so

Nothing is more immediately recognizable than feeling your stomach constrict during a difficult conversation. And we all have those moments when we want to say something but our heart rate increases and palms get sweaty, and we keep it inside. Or maybe you blurt something out and later regret it . . .

While we might understand that we need a bite of food when our stomach rumbles, we have unlearned the skill of listening to and interpreting the signals the body and mind connection provides: concrete, practical information that we can use day in, and day out. 

When the Body Comes to Mind starts with basic awareness and builds up to tapping in to the subtle cues of the body.
Learn how to use that information to recognize when you’re uncomfortable and to change a set pattern of behavior; to create more options for how to respond and to find
the courage to hold the line.


I learned how to adapt my responses to environmental stressors. I can’t control the environment, but I am able to center myself and change the way I react
Rehab Professional
Boston MA | USA
The courses are easily accessible and very practical. It is well-designed and transparent. The tools I learned will be useful for the rest of my life.
Esmee de Bloois
Master student in Medicine at Erasmus University MC, Rotterdam | The Netherlands

When is the best time to create more choice, increase clarity & feel more at ease?

Enroll now and receive our limited reduced rate:


for the entire, 8-week course including

  • Downloadable PDFs for future reference
  • Access to online sharing & problem-solving
  • Practical exercises & practices
  • Supplementary tools including videos, audios & interviews!

. . . NOW!

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Good question! That was the biggest challenge we had designing this program. Watching the videos and reading the material will put things into your head but won’t provide you with what you need to incorporate the work into your day-to-day living. That’s why we provide you with exercises and a daily practice with each lesson. That is what gets the information from the head . . . to the body . . . and back! We also encourage you to explore the supplementary materials. And don’t forget to let us know how it goes!

Our body holds a lot of information that can help us navigate stress. Because we live in a “heady” culture, we often neglect this useful information, only noticing stress when it’s too late. The great thing is that everything the body provides is very practical and concrete, which makes it easy to use!

That can happen pretty quickly! Most of the exercises will provide you with ​immediate ​feedback as you are doing them, and you can use that awareness in your daily life. In challenging situations it can take a little more practice to use the skills that the exercises are developing. The more deliberate and frequently you find opportunities to practice, the sooner and more profoundly you will notice results.

We do not consider this an “either/or” situation. The skills you develop through this course are the foundation for implementing evidence-based resilience training and burnout prevention strategies, including:

  • Awareness: Knowing when you or another is stressed
  • Communication: Maintaining open, non-judgemental communication
  • Empowerment: Feeling engaged, interested, motivated and effective in your work
  • Prioritizing: Knowing what is most important and meaningful to you and being able to act on that
  • Control: Having a sense that you are in the driver’s seat
  • Balance: Engaging in leisure, social and general non-work activities in addition to your work day.

Unlike other courses, we generally don’t provide tactics, strategies, a list of how-to’s or dos and don’ts. We focus on how you can utilize and maximize the information that’s inherently available to you.

Definitely! Although we target people in the service field this course can be beneficial to everyone that works in a demanding environment and wants to leave work feeling satisfied and energized.